Westmoreland Middle School


Dear WMS Stakeholders,

Here's some info YOU need to know: 

School Messager 11/29/2022

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

Our Fall Fundraiser has officially closed.  If you still owe for a box of chocolate candy bars, then please send the $60 as soon as possible.

Thank You!

Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


School Messanger 11/15/2022

Hello Parents & Staffulty,

We are sending home a flyer by every student about Toys for Tots in Gallatin.  This is a program to help needy families at Christmas.  It is through the Shalom Zone (600 Small Street) in Gallatin.  Applications are available starting on November 28.  The registration dates are December 6, 7, and 8.  Please see the flyer for specific times and other helpful information.  

The flyer is attached here

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal   

School Messanger 11/14/2022

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

This communication has 3 items to share with you.

#1--Please check your child's attendance in Skyward.  If your child has any unexcused absences, then please send documentation to support that absence.

#2--The Fall Fundraiser is continuing this week while we have a few boxes of chocolate candy bars left.  If you would like to help support WMS by selling a box of chocolate candy bars, then send a permission with your child and we will send home a box.

#3--Mastery Connect Benchmark continues Tuesday and Wednesday with science and social studies.  Please stress the importance of doing your best and being at school for these benchmarks.

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


Mastery Connect Benchmark Info--11/13/22

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

The WMS Mastery Connect Benchmark will begin this week.  Math will be Monday and Science and Social Studies will be Tuesday and Wednesday with makeups for all on Thursday and Friday.  ELA will be given after Thanksgiving Break beginning on Tuesday 11/29/22.  These benchmarks are very important so students and teachers will have feedback that can be used to determine instructional plans.  Please encourage your child to do their best and to be at school everyday for these benchmark tests.  More information may be found on our school website and school FaceBook Page.

Thank You!

Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


School Messenger 10/13/2022 Candy Bar Fundraiser

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

The WMS Fall Fundraiser has begun!!!  Fall Fundraiser Letters were distributed today.  This time we are selling those delicious chocolate candy bars at $1 per bar.  To participate students needs to bring back the "Chocolate Check Out Form" at the top of the letter.  The prizes are listed at the bottom.  Parents & Staffulty:  Please sell, sell, sell!!!  All money raised will help our technology effort as well as provide for other needs our students have.  Thank you for your help!

The letter is attached to this email.

Thank You!!!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal

School Messenger 9/28/2022

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

I just wanted to remind everyone that Thursday is "Camo" Day.  Everyone is encouraged to wear camo to support the WMS Football Team in their bowl game Thursday night at 6:30 PM against Smith County in Carthage.  GO EAGLES!!!

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal

School Messenger 09/26/2022-Volleyball News

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

The WMS Lady Eagle Volleyball Team will play their last regular season home game Tuesday.  JV plays at 5 PM and varsity will play after the JV.  After the JV games, 8th grade recognition will be held.  All WMS students get in free.  Everyone is encouraged to "red out" tomorrow by wearing red to school.  GO EAGLES!!!

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal

School Messenger 09/20/22  (Morning Drop Off Time & Afternoon Pick Up Time) ...


Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,
The purpose of this communication is to ask for your help with morning arrival and afternoon pickups.  I need to be sure that we do not have vehcles waiting on old 31 E blocking the flow of traffic.
Here's how you can help with the morning.  If you are the lead when dropping off your child, please pull all the way up to the 2nd speed bump.  Once at the 2nd speed bump, please let your child out.  At this point, all vehicles between the two speed bumps need to unload as quickly as possible.  This way traffic can keep moving.
Here's how you can help in the afternoon.  If you are the lead vehicle when picking up your child, please pull all the way up to the 2nd speed bump.  Once there, wait for your child.  Please remind your child that loading may occur anywhere between the two speed bumps and that they need to come to you in this area.  This way traffic can keep moving.
Thank you in advance for helping make WMS a safe school.
Thank You!
Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


We are PROUD to announce that WMS has been named a REWARD SCHOOL by the Tennessee Department of Education.

WMS School Messanger 9/9/2022.....

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

I just wanted to remind everyone that 4 1/2 week progress reports are available online in Skyward.  Please check your child's progress report.  If you have any questions, please contact the teacher.

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


WMS School Messanger 8/31/2022....


Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

September is "School Attendance Awareness Month".  Let's do our best to make sure everyone is in school every day all day.  Attendance counts so let's be in school!

Thank You!Danny Kay Robinson, Principal


Titan Lunch Account Info (08/24/22) ...

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty, 

Parents can now load funds into their student’s school lunch account using TITAN Family Portal.  You may access the Titan Family Portal by visiting https://family.titank12.com.

 Effective August 24, our MyPaymentsPlus system will no longer be active. All remaining payments into MyPaymentsPlus will be automatically transferred into your student’s TITAN Family Portal account within 48 hours.

 Parents may also load funds into their student’s lunch account by sending a check or cash to their school cafeteria with their students name and student id number to their child’s classroom. You may find your child’s student id number by visiting Skyward or in TITAN.

 If you are having trouble creating a TITAN account, please contact your school’s cafeteria manager.

Thank You!

Danny Kay Robinson, Principal 


School Messenger--08/22/22 ...

Hello WMS Parents & Staffulty,

We have exciting news!!!  Today we sent home hard copies of your child's 2022 State Assessment results.  If your child took the state assessment at WMS or one of our three feeder schools (Bethpage, North Sumner, or Westmoreland Elementary Schools), then a hard copy of the results was sent home today.    
Please pay close attention to the bottom of the first sheet.  You can go to this website and enter your child's Unique Access Code to see a lot of useful data and past results.
Please make sure to ask your child for the results today.
For the present 9th grade students, Westmoreland High School has those results and will send them home soon.
Thank You!
Danny Kay Robinson, Principal




Attendance Information for 22-23 ...

In 22-23 students need to continue to plan to attend school everyday possible.  If students need to be absent, then documentation (a note) needs to be turned in the next day back.


Students have 5 parent notes per semester.  These parent notes will make the absence excused.  These notes MUST be turned in to the school.


Absences for medical reasons such as doctors and dentists may be verified with a note from the doctor or dentist.  Also, absences due to funerals, court, etc. may be verified with a note from the funeral, court, etc.  These notes MUST be turned in to the school.


The Progressive Truancy Plan below will be followed for students with unexcused absences.  Also, students with any unexcsued absences may not be allowed to participate in any extra or extra curricular activities.





Another Great Tool In Your Skyward Account
**You can review every assignment, grade, possible grade, and overall grade in every subject area.**
(1) Click "Gradebook" (left-hand side)
(2) If it is not already set up this way (display all grading periods or display all assignments), please click "Display Options"
(3) Click "Show Assignment" (show all assignments) and Click "All Grades" (show all grading periods)

PAPER Info ...

Westmoreland Middle School Families:
Sumner County Schools is proud to introduce Paper, a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week online tutoring service. Students can submit any written work and have it returned in 24 hours or less with grammar, structure, and style corrections. Students can use Paper as much as they like because they receive unlimited submissions.
Students can get help on a number of topics with an online tutor. Every subject is covered, and it will always be one-on-one.
Don't need help with homework, but want help with test prep. You can do that too. Work to understand tough concepts, prepare for exams, get study tips and skills as much as you'd like.
You must be a Sumner County Schools student to access the tutoring service.
Go to app.paper.co and use your Google Login with your student’s school email. Check out paper.co/ for more information.


22 23 School Year Calendar ...





Calendar Information

***For calendar information, please see the “Calendar” section of the school website.***


Thank You,

Danny Kay Robinson, Principal





Mission Statement

Doing what is best for kids by … growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a culture that encourages our students to be actively involved in their learning and in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Agriculture, and Math) fields so they will be college and career ready.


    • We believe in a safe and supportive environment that holds high expectations for students and staffulty.
    • We believe in students, parents, staffulty, and community members working collaboratively and respectfully as partners in the education of all learners to develop prepared graduates.
    • We believe in an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, gives equal access to each child, promotes responsibility and supports positive self-esteem.
    • We believe that by engaging minds and developing character, we will prepare students to become competent, employable citizens.
    • We believe in the use of data to continually assess our decision making to ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve at proficient ("on track") and advanced ("mastered") levels on the state assessment.
    • We believe in implementing policies and procedures that focus on achieving the educational goals of our school system.