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General Information

Survey Information ...

The following is a link that WMS 7th and 8th grade students will use to participate in the AdvancED Survey for students.  (This is for students only.)

7th/8th Grade AdvancED Survey


Homework Hotline  (11/20) ...

Details about the Homework Hotline may be found on the side menu.  Please check it out.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive help at home. 

Security Improvements (10/26) ... 

The Main't Department began running additional wiring throughout the building to accommodate additional security cameras.  Once these cameras are installed, we will have increased visibility school-wide.  Also, our new SRO, Deputy Hardin, has been very focused on school security by reviewing daily operations.  We want to make sure that our school is as safe as is possible.

Exploratory Classes ... (10/08)

Our effort to provide math and ELA enrichment through the related arts curriculum in Exploratory Classes is continuing.  One adjustment has been changing 6th grade Band Exploratory.  In a collaborative effort between the 6th grade team and Mrs. Peterson, an "organization" class has been established.  The purpose of this class is to help organize students for 6th grade.  Mrs. Peterson has been helping students organize what they need and to dispose of what is not needed.  She has also been helping them organize their binders so they are better prepared when they go into each class.  Throughout this 9 weeks, the 6th grade team and Mrs. Peterson will attempt to determine what our students need to be successful. 

Revised Board Policy Regarding Attendance ...

The following is Board Policy JB revised.  Please note the sections highlighted in GREEN.

The Board recognizes that good attendance at school is basic to student learning.  Attendance is a key factor in student achievement: therefore, students are expected to be present each day that school is in session.  Parents have both a legal obligation and a moral responsibility to see that children are present every day that school is in session.

The Compulsory School Attendance Law in Tennessee requires children to attend school each day.  A student who has been absent five days (this means a total of five days during the school year and not necessarily five consecutive days) without adequate excuse is considered truant and may be summoned to court.  Whenever possible, attendance issues should be resolved at the school level.  Prior to referral to a truancy officer, a meeting shall be held at the school to assist the family and improve student attendance via an attendance contract. If unexcused absences continue to accumulate, the Director of Schools or his/her designee will report the parent and student to the Juvenile Court for further action.

The following are official/adequate excuses that should be turned in to the attendance secretary in the school office

  • Medical note for the student (doctor, dentist, hospital, etc.)
  • Student illness not requiring a doctor visit ( five parent notes per semester)
  • Court note for the student
  • Funeral notice
  • Recognized religious holiday
  • College Visits
  • Military deployment paperwork for parent

Appeal Procedure for Unexcused Absences

The initial appeal shall be to the building principal or designee. If not resolved at the building level, the parent can request in writing an appeal to the Attendance Office at the Sumner County Board of Education. The appeal will be heard by the Appeals Committee consisting of Director of Schools Designee, an Attendance personnel representative and a principal/assistant principal representative. The burden of proof rests on the student or guardian. The appeal process for determining unexcused absences is ancillary to a truancy decision rendered by a juvenile court judge as described in T.C.A. 49-6-3010.

A principal may verify absences for the following:

  • Approved school activity that is school sponsored and school supervised
  • Extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis

Tardies:Any student not in the classroom when the class begins is tardy.  Students who accumulate excessive unexcused tardies are considered truant and will be reported to Juvenile Court. A tardy is only excused by a doctor's note.

Unexcused Early Dismissals: For any student that is dismissed from school without a valid reason, the absence will be considered an unexcused early dismissal. A doctor's note excuses the early dismissal. A parent note may only be used to excuse a full day of absence.

Make-up work:  Upon the first day of returning to school, it is the student’s responsibility in middle and high school and the parent’s responsibility in elementary school to make contact with the teacher(s) regarding make-up work.  During the school year, make-up work must be completed within a number of days equal to the number of consecutive days of the absence.

Attendance Information …

Attendance at school every day is very important to student success on state assessments and for the next grade.  Please encourage your child to be present every day.

 If your child does need to miss school, then please be sure to send a note to school with your child when he/she returns.  Notes may include, but are not limited to, parent notes and notes from a doctor, dentist, court, funeral, etc.  Students may have 5 parent notes to excuse absences.  Students may have an unlimited number of notes from a doctor, dentist, court, funeral, etc.

 Students who do not have a note for an absence are considered unexcused.  Students with unexcused absences will have their participation in non-graded extracurricular activities limited.  In addition, if students do not have a note when they return, then we do not have proof that the absence was legitimate.  Therefore, it is very important for students to bring a note to school and turn it in after being absent.  

Calendar Information

***For calendar information, please see the “Calendar” section of the school website.***

Thank You,

Danny Kay Robinson, Principal








Mission Statement

Westmoreland Middle School’s highly qualified teachers engage students through quality instruction based on the Tennessee standards and guide them toward becoming an integral part of the school and community. School leaders embrace their roles and conduct themselves with honesty, transparency, and respect. Collaboration among grade-level teams and content-area teachers is essential to achieving student success. We hone our craft through participation in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as well as other learning opportunities to meet the changing needs of all students. Resources are easily accessible by all educators for use in quality instruction and when collaborating with other schools within the district.

Vision Statement

The vision of Westmoreland Middle School is to establish an environment which will encourage our students to be actively involved in their learning, so they can be an important part of the school and community.


  • All students should be challenged to learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • A safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.
  • Instructional practices should incorporate learning activities that include differences in learning styles.
  • Positive character education, including moral and leadership qualities, will encourage students to become productive citizens.
  • Parental involvement in the learning process promotes unity.