Westmoreland Middle School

School-Wide Grading Policy


Purpose:  To provide information to all stakeholders regarding the school-wide grading policy.


The following policies and practices will reinforce this purpose:


 1.  Grading System:  The basic grading system for all subject areas in grades 6-8 at Westmoreland Middle School shall be expressed by numerical grades on progress reports and report cards.


A ………….93-100

B ………….85-92

C ………….75-84

D ………….70-74

F …………..0-69

I ………….. Incomplete


2.  Graded Items Policy:  Summative grades for each nine week grading period will be compiled of multiple categories that may include work from, but are not limited to, class work, homework, written assignments, teacher selected projects, tests, etc.  All grades should reflect the mastery of state standards. 


3.  Weight Policy:  The teacher will weigh the value of grades for various assignments.  However, no one assignment shall count for more than 50% of the final grade.


4.  Categories:  Student grades will fall into three (3) categories.  Those categories are “Class Work”, “Assessments”, and “Other Practices”.  “Class Work” will count as 60% and include “Anything Done In Class.”  “Assessments” will count as 35% and include tests, projects, final papers, etc.  “Other Practices” will count as 5% and will include bell ringers, exit tickets, homework, etc.


5.  Make-Up Policy:  Students will be given the opportunity to makeup work for all absences (excused, verified, unexcused, etc.). All work will receive a grade. Work missed should be made up within 3 school days of the student returning to school. Work turned in after 3 school days may have a reduction in grade or a zero. Students will be given reasonable opportunities and strongly encouraged to makeup all work missed.  Under extenuating circumstances, the due date for this work may be adjusted at the discretion of the teacher or the principal.


 6.  Grading Authority:  The grading of student work is determined by the teacher who assigns such work. The grade shall not be placed on the work until the teacher is sure of that measurement and shall not be changed unless a student can prove an error or provide information that would give the teacher a reason to consider changing the grade.  (SCBOE Policy IHA)


 7.  Cheating:  If a teacher suspects a student of cheating to earn a grade, then that teacher shall consider an alternative test or measure. Unless a teacher has absolute proof of cheating, the student shall be given the benefit of an alternative measurement or test. When a teacher has proof of cheating by a student, the student will receive a “0” for the work and a parent will be notified by the teacher. Further disciplinary action may be required by the administration. (SCBOE Policy IHA)


8.  Reporting Grades:  Grades shall be entered weekly in INOW so all stakeholders may have access to the student’s performance in real time.